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Music, Movies, Games, Internet - All on your big screen. Jhoombox turns any TV into a smart TV - even an old analog one. With Jhoombox, the future of family entertainment is here!!

This is your chance to get the box during the holidays.

Electrify Your Party

with jKaraoke

Jhoombox is to karaoke what the combination of iPod and iTunes was to music. It is one-stop integrated hardware and software platform for all of your karaoke needs.

Millions of songs in multiple languages at your finger tip!

Future American Idols

PSST! Ever dream you were performing at American Idol. Jhoombox can help it come true. Or you can just record and share your performance instantly with friends and fans on the internet.

You'll be "in" before the others are "out".

Next-Gen Screencasting

Available Now

Stream your mobile content on TV using a "Wireless Display". We recently built an open Miracast™ technology in Jhoombox that can mirror anything from your mobile or tablet. The future possibilities are endless. You can do split screen, multiplayer gaming and so on.

Be the First to Build

With the Jhoombox

This is a first time some platform is going to bring such diverse skill-set of people under a single community. It is sure to spark some real innovation! We are developing a marketplace that can host amazing new generated contents, apps, and games.

You'll be one of the first to learn how Jhoombox platform can open a new revenue stream for you. Get the box to know more about Jhoombox SDK.

Jhoombox is available now!

First Android Console with Cloud Karaoke

Explore Your Creative Side

Compose new music using software tools included in the console. The Jhoombox console is like a hardware extension of “SoundCloud”. You can even order the production of your music albums from the convenience of a one-stop platform. So go ahead, find your fans and followers.

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